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Our services are:
11.00am Morning service
6.00pm Evening service
7.30pm Prayer/Waiting meeting


The two themes we focus on are:
'ENCOUNTER' living in and from the presence of God.
We believe God's presence touches and changes lives, so our aim is to provide a place for His presence to dwell.
'IDENTITY'  Who does God say we are?
Teaching who we are through Christ, specifically we recognise how God designed us and what to do when we find ourselves less than His amazing design.

God has given us all we need for life so we teach people how to use that 'ALL'

The message of the bible is: CHRIST JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS
God created us to be loved by Him, to know Him and to be free. The sin Jesus died for is that which has separated us from knowing God and His love for us. The message of the bible is simple. That obstacle, that which separated us HAS been removed by Jesus when He died for our sin. The only thing that stops you and me from knowing God now is unbelief. It is like we have inherited a million dollars but because we don't believe it we don't collect.
God made us, what He made was good. We don't have to look far to see it's not all that good. I know no matter how far we have moved from His design, He knows how to fix it.
When Adam and Eve sinned the bible says they hid themselves from the presence of God. Before this they walked in God's presence freely. When God comes to them in the garden He asks a question, its the same question He has been asking mankind throughout all history. Adam, where are you? Note He did not ask, what have you done? NOW God is asking, "Where are YOU".
What we have done Jesus has taken the blame for. The last point of this incredible story is that you and I find our real meaning, identity and life through relationship with God. We are not to live to try and attain God's approval, we are to live knowing we are already loved and accepted by Him NOW. How do I do this?
A simple prayer is where we start. This prayer is very important, I want you to understand what you are asking by praying this prayer. What God hears when we say this prayer is, "We want to know You God". God desires that more than we do. TO KNOW GOD means to begin to hear His voice, to begin to be aware of His presence with you and to begin to know His heart for you.
We all have needs, we all have circumstances we need changing and many people live with fears, confusions, guilt and hurts. We have many unanswered questions and in truth we wonder where God is. A man in the bible named Asaph in Psalm 73 had all these questions and doubts, but the scripture said He went into the temple of God and then he understood. The temple means, he went into the presence of God, he met God, heard God and his spirit changed, his mind and heart changed because in God's presence he saw himself and his circumstances through the eyes of a Father in heaven. Not all his situations changed but the love of God for him deeply changed him. Joy returned and hope.
This prayer will bring you into that same presence. If that is what you want then simply pray this prayer:
Father in heaven, I am sorry I have kept you at a distance, I am sorry for not believing in you. I believe that Jesus died for me, that all my sin, past, present and future He took the punishment for on the cross. I now believe He did this so I could know You. Please come into my life that I may know You as I was meant to know You. Thank you Jesus for loving me enough to die for me. Thank you Father that You have forgiven me I now receive Your life and Your heart into mine, in Jesus name, Amen.
If you have prayed this, the bible says you have been saved, or born again. You are now a son or daughter of God.






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